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The Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge Centre was started in 2018 by the Building Trades of Alberta Training Society and is jointly funded by the Building Trades of Alberta and the Government of Alberta. The Building Trades of Alberta Training Society recognized that many apprentices do not complete their training and created a service to support apprentices at risk of not progressing. With funding from the Building Trades of Alberta and a grant from Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training, ASK was established to provide training, answer questions, and coach apprentices through the apprenticeship system. 

ASK offers free classroom-based training in basic math competency, student finance and financial planning, English in the Workplace, and basic blueprint reading. In addition to classroom-based training, our advisors are available to provide practical advice and coaching on grant and loan applications, how to have a better apprenticeship, and personal issues such as balancing work and family obligations. Our advisors will also support apprentices with substance abuse or mental health issues and make referrals to the appropriate community resources.

The Building Trades of Alberta Training Society also recognizes that the construction trades are changing. There are more women, First Nations, and newcomers to Canada entering the apprenticeship system. Building Trades unions and employers are welcoming greater diversity in their organizations. ASK can help apprentices with language, cultural, and gender concerns by providing apprentices and employers with training, coaching, and referrals to specialized community services.  

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