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Students must demonstrate that they are affiliated with of one of the member Locals of the Building Trades of Alberta.  Course enrollment for all courses is limited to 20 students and seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  Parking for evening courses is in the parking lot on the south side of the building.  

1. Basic Math Competency

The basic math course provides students with the essential math skills required in apprenticeship programs. All topics are rooted in real-world contexts with a focus on examples from work in the trades. This four-week refresher course is designed for students preparing to write the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry (AIT) entrance exam for their chosen trade.  The course is free and all training materials are provided.  It is two evenings per week for four weeks at the ASK training facility in West Edmonton.  

2. English in the Workplace

English in the Workplace training will address language proficiency in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing for practical, workplace-related purposes. Additional tutoring or training services will be made available to assist in the newcomer’s daily life and appropriate work preparation in the Building Trades. This course is two evenings per week for 10 classes at the ASK training facility in West Edmonton. It is free and all training materials are provided.

3. Introduction to Blueprint Reading

Students will learn the basics of reading blueprints, giving them a familiarity with drawings used for fabrication, construction, and installation projects.  Being able to interpret the instructions and specifications within the working drawings will enhance an apprentice’s skill set and open their eyes to a new language of symbols, abbreviations and types of lines. This course will be free and all training materials are provided.  It consists of two evening classes and a homework assignment.

4. Financial Planning for Apprentices

Guidance will be offered in the areas of budgeting, forecasting, and applying for financial support from government agencies. Apprentices may struggle if financial burdens weigh heavily on their mind and distract them from the learning process. Help will be focused on how to balance peak income times with lean times when attending technical school intake periods. Schedule coming soon.

If you are a Building Trades apprentice or an employer contracted to one of the locals in the Building Trades of Alberta and would like to meet with an advisor to discuss apprenticeship issues you are having, please call us at 587-488-4227 or email us at [email protected]. We may be able to come out to your office or work site, offer support, and provide some thoughts as to how to improve the apprenticeship experience.

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